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Alvine kiprotich November 12, 2020


Kenya Forest Service, Lake Victoria North Water Works Agency, and County Government of Nandi have today visited the Cerengoni forest to assess the piece of land where the Keben Water Development Project is supposed to be constructed.

The proposed Dam site is projected to consume about 70 acres of land inside the forest, something that had made the Kenya Forest Service urged the county government to provide alternative land to be planted trees that will be damaged during construction of the proposed dam.

Speaking at the site, Kenya Forest Service technical chairman Prof Leikong urged the county government to move with speed in allocating the alternative piece of land.

On his part Chief Officer in charge of Lands and Environment, Mr. Solomon Mang’ira assured the technical team that there are already 214 acres set aside by the county government as an alternative land to replace the one offered by that Cerengoni forest.

Mang’ira further reiterated that the Department of Lands, Environment, Water and Natural Resources is committed to ensuring that they planted as many trees as possible on the provided land to replace the ones which will be lost during the construction of the dam.

” We are not only providing the alternative piece of land but also we will make sure that we plant as many as possible trees”, Mang’ira alluded.

On their part, Lake Victoria North Water Works Agency through the Chief Executive Officer Eng, Bundotich, said that they are ready to work with both governments to see the full completion of the dam.


He further added that once the deal between the Kenya, Forest, Service, and the County Government is done, the construction works will commence taking about four years for it to be completed.

According to Bundotich, the dam will host about 3.6 million cubic meters providing 18000 cubic meters daily, serving 12000 and 6000 beneficiaries per day, irrigation, and domestic use respectively.


Kapsabet, Nandi Hills, and Baraton towns are also among beneficiaries.

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