Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, Environment, Water, Natural Resources and Climate Change

Lands, Physical Planning, Housing, Environment, Water, Natural Resources and Climate Change

The Department of Lands, Environment and natural resources is an important department whose mandate revolves around capitalization of land, environmental conservation and proper utilization of natural resources. Nandi County is rich in all these aspects. My focus is on enhancing the departments mandate as outlined in the Governor’s manifesto.

Water provision remains my top agenda going forward and it is for this reason that my Department will carry out mapping of all water resources within Nandi County.

We will develop a Nandi County Water Provision Master Plan that will guide identification and building of viable water projects.

This will improve access to portable and clean water to the residents of Nandi County from the current 26% to 40% by 2022.

I will further liaise with the National Government to speed up the construction of

Keben water project that when complete, will serve the residents of Nandi Hills and Kapsabet.

For our environment, we will work towards increasing the forest cover from the current 24% to 30% by 2022.

This will be achieved through promotion of community tree nurseries that are owned by own Youth, Women and People with disabilities.

I endeavor to promote participatory forest management which ensures community involvement in the management of forests within Nandi County and the accruing benefits.

My department will work hand in hand with farmers to ensure that we put up a County Tree Nursery Management Centre that will train farmers on better tree management techniques.

My department has recognized the need of partnering with other stakeholders and development partners for effective service delivery and so far, we have a number of partners who include Water Sector Trust Fund, Food and Agriculture Organization, European Union, Lake Victoria Environment Management Programme among others.

In partnership with the County Assembly, I intend to develop a legislation that will guide and address matters of environment, water, climate change; physical planning and land issues Most of the urban areas in the County are unplanned and thuds will spearhead the formulation of Nandi County Spatial Plan to guide developments.

The department will ensure proper planning of Mosoroit, Kaptumo, Chemundu, Kabiyet, Chepsonoi, Maraba, kobujoi and Kaiboi among others.

To address the plight of squatters, I will soon commence the survey and titling of Tartar Farms, Kapsabet Swahili village, Kiboswa Trading centre, Romorio Farm,Kipkaren Sallient(Laboret), Orkokit farm and Kiptegat farm.

Going forward, justice for the Talai, Terik and other communities affected by historical land injustices must be achieved.

SOLOMON KIPKOSGEI MANG’IRA is currently pursuing a PhD (Environmental Education) at Kenyatta University.

Mang’ira has a Masters of Philosophy in Environmental Law from University, and a Bachelor of Laws Degree LLB where he specialized in Civil, Criminal, and Conveyancing at Marthrad University India.

He also holds a Bachelor of Social Legislation from Maratwatha University India having specialized in Legal Writing History of Laws, Jurisprudence of Law Sociology of Law.

He has Post Graduate Diploma in Education Moi University and a Senior Secondary Certificate Examination part-2 Punjab School Education Board India.


Mang’ira sat for his KCSE at Lumakanda Boys High School.


In his lifetime, Mang’ira has worked as a Senior Administrative Assistant and Internal Part-time lecturer at Moi University.

At the same time, Mang’ira participated in the Moi University Annual International Conference Committee as a member in charge of publicity.

He has also worked as an Outreach officer at Moi University and as an Editorial board member- Kenya African Students Association India and Sri-Lanka.

He was also appointed as a lecturer at Mount Kenya University’s School of Business and Assistant Lecturer at Eldoret Polytechnic.

At the Electoral Commission of Kenya (ECK). Mang’ira worked as a Registration Officer in charge of Aldai Constituency where he was in charge recruiting, training, supervising, publicity, and data collating.

He also worked as a Presiding officer and Assistant Registration Officer for ECK.

Mang’ira is a Member of the Vice Chancellors Forum dealing with Community Environment.

He is also a member of the Church Commission of Kenya and Anglican Church Synod Diocese of Eldoret.

‘’If you want to change the results then change the methodology’’

We have had many achievements since I joined the strong team led by CECM Lands, Environment and Natural Resources supported by directors from Water, Environment, Planning and Survey and other support staff.

The department has had a number of milestones including acquisition of title deeds for parcels of land hosting The Kapsabet Referral Hospital, The Governor’s Office currently under construction and the Department of Land, Environment and Natural Resources.

Provision of clean and adequate water remains a priority and it is for this reason that we have development partners including Water Sector Trust Fund who have supported a number of projects including Kimg’oror, Cheptil, Kimatkei, Kobujoi and Lelmokwo. The County currently pays 10% upfront of

the project to the sector to ensure consistency and the County has already paid Kshs. 27 million towards the same.

The multibillion Keben Dam Water Supply project will soon start and it is to benefit over 50,000 households mainly in Nandi hills and Kapsabet towns including the surrounding neighborhoods along the distribution lines.

The department has also partnered with Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) with an aim of developing a 10 year Spatial Plan aimed at balancing development across the County.

County Government of Nandi fully supports the process of historical Land Injustice and is ready to ensure that justice prevails to all those who are affected and will follow the normal court process even if it means involving the African Courts and International courts. Over 400 cases have been reported in Nandi since 1895-2010 and National Lands Commission has 40 cases from Nandi.

With the continuous emerging issues of land, World Bank has set aside Kshs. 400 million for the construction of a high court and other court offices.

The department has a County Environment Committee in place whose mandate include being responsible for proper management of the environment within the county, develop a county strategic environmental action plan every 5 years and to also prepare state of the environment report after every 2 years.

We are committed to transforming Nandi.


To ensure sustainable utilization of the County’s Land resources and healthy environment for the current and future generations


To promote sustainable Land Management, participatory forest management, enhanced environmental conservation and provision of clean water.


  1. Promote sustainable Land management and ensure clean and healthy environment for Nandi County.
  2. Provide clean piped water for residents of Nandi County.
  3. Increase forest cover of 19% to 30% within the next 10 years.
  4. Promote sustainable utilization of Land resources.
  5. Promote environmental awareness and civic education I Nandi County.