Agriculture and Coorporative Development

Agriculture and Coorporative Development

Dr. Bernard Kiplimo Lagat is a Development Economist with over ten years’ experience in consultancy, research and training in both public and private sectors. He holds a PhD in Agricultural Economics and Resource Management from Moi University, Kenya; an MSC in Agricultural Economics and a BSc in Agricultural Economics from Moi University. Dr Lagat is currently the Chief Executive Committee Member (CECM) for Agriculture and Cooperative Development

He is formerly a Senior Lecturer at Moi University where he serves as a Postgraduate coordinator and Chairman Departmental Graduate Studies Committee. He is an African Development Bank STAARS fellow and a visiting Fellow at Cornenll University and a Postdoctoral fellow at the University of Siena in Italy where he was involved in the Work package 7 of the European Union, FP7 project (BIOWASTE4SP)- Turning biowaste into sustainable products: development of appropriate conversion technologies in developing countries. He is a Senior Consultant and Partner at Leocrest Consulting and a full-time senior lecturer in the Department of Agricultural Economics and Resource Management, School of Business and Economics at Moi University, Kenya. His research interests include: Impact Evaluation of public policies, Sustainable Development, Value Chain Development Agricultural Finance, Risk Management and agricultural Insurance, Agricultural Land Policy.

He has strong empirical skills in Impact evaluation, Value chain analysis and Microeconometric modelling and analysis. He is proficient in several softwares including STATA, SPSS, Eviews and R. He has over 10 years of experience in research in Impact Evaluation, Development economics and Agricultural Value Chain Development. He has undertaken several consultancies for a number of institutions including West Africa Monetary Institute (WAMI) in Accra Ghana, Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN) Abuja, USAID, African Union, European Union, Government of Kenya, County Governments in Kenya, and a number of Private Companies. He is currently an active member of AGRODEP, PEP, AIEN (AGRODEP IMPACT EVALUATION NETWORK), AES, IAAE, AAAE, and AFMA among others. Dr. Lagat is married with two children.

Agriculture is the backbone of our economy and the County Government of Nandi is keen to ensure that the service delivery this important sector is enhanced with an aim of improving the living standards of the people. Department of Agriculture and cooperative development have an overall goal of increase Agricultural production in a conducive and sustainable environment. The department consists of five directorates namely, Directorate of Agriculture, Fisheries, Livestock, Cooperatives and veterinary services Value addition is our clarion target to department in order to maximize profitability to our farmers even as we move to offer support service as a government. Statistics show that there is a huge export market opportunity in the global market for our horticultural produce and thus there in need for concerted efforts to increase production of horticultural produce to address the shortage in the global market.  . As County Executive Member in charge of this docket, my role is to provide an enabling policy environment as well as providing leadership to a dedicated team of employees who are diligently serving the public. I therefore assure members of the public of our commitment to offer quality and efficient services.

VISION The vision of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries is to be a leading agent towards the achievement of food security, employment creation, income generation and poverty reduction in the County.


  • Professionalism
  • Accountability, Transparency and Integrity
  • Efficiency an d responsiveness
  • Partnerships
  • Equity

MISSION To improve the livelihood s of the Nandi County  citizens by promotion of competitive Agriculture through creation of enabling environment, provision of support services and ensuring sustainable Natural Resource Management.