H.E. Hon. Stephen Araap Sang

H.E. Hon. Stephen Araap Sang


Governor Stephen Sang is the current Governor of Nandi County, serving his first term following the August 8th 2017 general election.He previously served as the county’s representative to the Senate.

An advocate of the high court and a holder of a Bachelors of Law degree from the University of Nairobi, Sang is a legal expert with interest and experience in governance, democracy and devolution. He is the current chair of the Intergovernmental Relations Committee at the Council of Governors.

Governor Sang is among Kenya’s youngest politicians with an admirable leadership track record.

While at the senate, he served as the chairperson of the Sessional Committee on Delegated Legislation, was the Vice Chairperson of the Committee on Legal Affairs and Human Rights and a representative of Kenyan Parliament in the Inter Parliamentary Union (IPU).

His legislative record speaks for itself having sponsored a record six bills during a single parliamentary term.

Governor Sang is a firm believer and a champion of transitional justice, a leader who is passionate about addressing historical injustices in the county as well as the rest of the country.

His key agenda as a governor is driven by the desire to transform lives and to provide a platform for every resident to contribute towards the full realization of the great Nandi dream.

His focus is on improving healthcare and providing access to universal healthcare, maintaining good road network in the county’s rural areas for easy access to markets and destinations within Nandi and beyond, improving agricultural productivity and increasing commercialisation of agriculture through value addition,improving education standards, providing affordable housing and accelerating economic growth by putting up industries in the county.

Sang has remained open to noble ideas that will propel the beautiful county of Nandi to the next level by ensuring the successful implementation of the Transformational agenda.

For Governor Sang, the transformation of Nandi County from a region of immense potential to that of abundance remains his ultimate legacy.