Nandi Focus e-Newsletter

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2020 ushers us to the new decade that I refer to as the ‘data decade’. Data leads to information and these information needs to be shared with the public.

The need to communicate is a requirement for an Open Government. Therefore, we have purposed to ensure our readers and Nandi Citizens get to be informed on matters that various departments are pursuing to ensure they are well informed on matters service delivery.

One key mandate of ICT and e- Government is to ensure we put in place effective communications strategies. I therefore introduce to you our Nandi Focus e-Newsletter that has an overall aim to put together news from various departments and disseminate the same to the public.

The department of Health Services is the pioneer and are privileged to be the first to grace our inaugural e-Newsletter. The dedicated team at the editorial and design are motivated and we will keep you consistently informed through this newsletter and other channels of communication. Let us know your comments by sending your feedback through the email given or calling via 1548.