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December 17, 2019


The increased population rate of youths in the county and the country at large has resulted to high demand for jobs.

This course has however left youths in the verge of involvement in drug abuse,crimes and violence.

This on a brighter side can be prevented boing youths in constructive and productive activities such as Agri-business, livestock farming and sporting activities this way youths acquire skills to start up productive activities that will be of much benefit to them to be their own dependants.

Nandicounty government through the department of Sports Youth Affairs and Arts is in the forefront to ensure that our youths become successful and good ambassadors of our county in line with this the department has come up with useful programmes to sensitize youths to set up groups and come up with proposals that will be of great importance and impact positively on them.

The department has acquired 100 welding machines and 14 tool boxes to be given to youth groups of 30 wards in the county this will enable the youths start up businesses and a jua Kali industry to manufacture products and place them in the market for consumers this will be of great importance to our county.

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