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January 10, 2020

Women Empowerment and Cooperatives

Nandi being a globalized economy has seen women play a very big role in matters cooperative finance.

The county government of Nandi has seen to an increase of women cooperative societies in the past two years.

Every sub county boasts of at least one women cooperative society within its bound.

This is a positive indication women in Nandi are moving towards a more progressive society.

More women’s issues on matters cooperative finance and savings, cooperative development programs, capacity building, cooperative production and marketing are fostered and supported in their alignment with the transformational agenda of Nandi County.

The county government of Nandi through the cooperative development is working closely to tap into the skills, innovations of women in matters cooperative development and to provide solutions to challenges they face and be able to create a competitive economic and social status.

Womenin Nandi are encouraged to join cooperatives and benefit from the advantages it brings.

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