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Walter Sicho September 16, 2021


Nandi’s vibrant move to champion for aggregation, marketing and value addition within the Agriculture Sector has attracted the attention of other counties as evident in a visit by Agriculture Officers and farmers from Trans Nzoia visiting Nandi County.

The visit is a farmer-to-farmer exercise aimed at exchanging ideas on how to improve Agriculture Sector in one of the country’s food basket – Trans Nzoia County.

The farmers’ delegation is being led by Trans Nzoia’s CECM for Agriculture Hon. Mary Nzomo and was received by the Chief Officer incharge of Agriculture. Mr. Wilson Lelei.

Chief Officer Agriculture, Mr.Wilson Lelei in talks with CECM Agriculture Tranzoia County, Hon. Mary Nzomo.

Speaking after paying a courtesy call to the department of Agriculture, the visiting CECM said that they are in the county to witness practically how the county is championing for aggregation, marketing and Value addition in the sector with a keen eye on Maize Value Chain.

To sample the effectiveness of the county Government’s interventions geared towards supporting maize farmers, they visited Nandi KENAFF milling facility at Kapchuriai in Chepkunyuk Ward, Cheptarit Star aggregation and marketing centre as well as Sokhin Ogilgei-lel who are into value addition in Lelmokwo Ngechek Ward.


Milling Benchmark.


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