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Joyce Mutai November 14, 2019


The Department of Education and Vocational Training is aspiring to take Nandi County to greater heights in service delivery as far as matters education are concerned. The new CECM for Education and Vocational Training met with staff from the Department’s headquarters for the first time since her appointment. The meeting held at Nandi DiCECE College was aimed at having a one on one interaction and also a platform for the CECM to highlight her plans and focus for the Department of Education and Vocational Training.

The meeting brought together officers from all the work units of the Department. Education is one of the broad departments in the County Government of Nandi with over 1500 staff spread across all the 6 sub-counties in Nandi majority being the ECDE teacher.

During the meeting, the acting Director in charge of Vocational Training Daniel Ruto congratulated the CECM on her appointment into the Department and also pledged to work with all the members of the staff in order to achieve the set goals of the department. Mr. Samuel Biwott, the County Director ECDE noted that the Department is ready to accord the new CECM total support so that she performs her duties amply.

Speaking during the meeting, the Chief Officer urged all the members of the staff to be self-driven, positively focused and perform their duties diligently. He also highlighted the challenges which have affected the Department and pledged that with help of the CECM and full support from staff, those challenges shall be solved to ensure smooth running of day to day activities.

The new CECM Ms. Grace Sugut expressed her joy that it was indeed pleasure and honor to join the Department of Education and Vocational Training. She affirmed that the laid out plans will see all the Departmental aspirations attained within a stipulated time. The department is focusing on improving the standard of Early Childhood Education, Vocational Training Centres and assisting the needy students through bursaries and scholarships.

On her closing remarks, the CECM challenged staff to observe all the office etiquette and integrity and to work diligently towards delivering for the purpose of the people of Nandi.

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