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Caren Towett March 20, 2019


The county government of Nandi through the department of trade, investment and industrialisation has established a County liquor Licensing and Control Directorate through an act of the County Assembly which was enacted recently to control the production, Sale and Consumption of alcoholic drinks within the County.

According to Administrative Officer of Alcoholic drinks Control William Melly, the Directorate  have also developed procedural regulations that guide liquor businesses in the County.

The objectives of the directorate is to Protect the health of the individual in the light of dangers of excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks, protect persons under the age of 18 years from negative impact on health and social development from exposure to advertisement of alcoholic drinks, protect consumers of alcoholic drinks from misleading or deceptive inducements and inform them of the risks of excessive consumption of alcoholic drinks, protect the health of persons under the age of 18 years by preventing their access to alcoholic drinks, inform and educate the residents on the harmful health, economic and social consequences of the consumption of alcoholic drinks, adopt and implement effective measures to eliminate illicit trade in alcohol including; smuggling, illicit manufacturing and counterfeiting, ensure fare and ethical business practices related to production ,distribution, promotion and sale of alcoholic drinks and among others reduce and mitigate the negative health, social and economic impact on communities resulting from production, sale and consumption of alcoholic drinks.

The directorate is also expected to issue licenses this year as inspection reports await approval. As part of licensing process public participation was done concurrently with inspection and most of the reports were submitted to the directorate.

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