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Audrey Ng'eny March 12, 2019


The County of Nandi is unchallenged for being the source of World Champions in athletics such track
and field athletics, it boasts of numerous World Champions , who have conquered the world ,
800M world champions who hails from the little village Kabirsang; Wilfred Bungei, Janet Kosgei ,
Pamela Jelimo , Eliud Kipchoge ; (World Marathoner to date) Robert Cheruiyot ( four time Boston
Marathon ), Martin Lel ( London Marathon Champion) among others.
One of the Governor Stephen Sang Manifesto was to have a hall of Fame for Legendary Athletes to
be establish and through this , it promotes Tourism in Nandi County.
Nandi County plays a host to couple of athletic competition and events that attract regional ,
national and international visitors who travel to participate or spectate. These events can be used
as an opportunity to Market and Promote Nandi as a Tourist Destination by partnering with Event
organizers to promote the various attraction sites in the County.

Diversification in sports is more than just participating in the Marathon to win and to get
Financial rewards , it’s also a unique Tourism product. We have unique products and drinks i.e.
famous ‘’ Mursik’’ , most foreigners admire to come and drink thinking it gives the athletes
energy to run.
The unique terrain, environment and the hospitality of the Nandi people will make most visitors
admire and stay longer in Nandi.

We have Nike Camps i.e Rosa Camp where most Marathoners are
produced and it hosts local and international athletes.
Department of Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare aims at partnering with host camps so as to
promote their uniqueness of sports industry.
CEC Mr. Taiy said ”Sports Tourism places Nandi County Globally and as a Department we will
continue celebrating our Athletes’’.
CO Tourism Beatrice Jemurgor  Said ”The unique serene environment in Nandi really promotes
athletes to conquer the World’’.
‘’Nandi is the place to be’’.

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