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Walter Sicho May 23, 2022


Hundreds of farmers in Songor Soba ward, Tinderet Sub County, are set to benefit from the rehabilitation of Kibukwo Cattle dip that had stopped operating and remained dilapidated for many years due to poor management.

Start of operation

The revamping of the cattle dip comes timely during a rainy season, when tick borne diseases are rampant. Reviving cattle dips is therefore crucial in making the county disease-free and ensuring steady and quality supply of dairy products to the market.

Speaking on Monday at Kibikwo while re-opening Kibukwo cattle dip, the Chief Officer in charge of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries Mr. Wilson Lelei encouraged the farmers to dip their cattle at least once every week.

Chief Officer Agriculture, Livestock &Fisheries, Mr. Wilson Lelei delivered over 40 litres acaricides.

“Our farmers have been spending a lot of money to control tick diseases at their farms but they are not effective. Weekly dips are therefore required so that we have healthy animals thus increasing productivity and better market for our dairy produce.” noted the C.O.

The chief officer also deliver over 40ltrs of acaricides, from Governor Sang’s led administration, to revamp the Cattle dip.

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