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Audrey Ng'eny February 7, 2020

Pwds’ empowerment in Nandi County.

“Disability is not inability,” people with special needs in our current society have often been misunderstood and marginalised by others.

Many of them have been disadvantaged in so many ways that they cannot lead normal lives because of their condition .

People with disability face many challenges once they are identified as disabled either mentally, or physically challenged.

Some of these challenges they face include; their inability to access education ,Schools previously constructed are not friendly to them. Many schools do not have the capacity in terms of human and infrastructure to sustain such children.

As a result, they are forced to remain at home as their peers are progressing with their lives.

Empowerment Kits handed over by the Deputy Governor and Chief Officer Social Welfare.

This in turn limit their access to opportunities in the society.

Challenges faced by people with disabilities are numerous. Inability to freely move around is the biggest challenge as it comes with physically suffering.

Inability to access government services like finances, tenders and employment opportunities. Many are turned away because some people believe that they cannot deliver.

It is against this backdrop that the county government of Nandi has intensified its activities in a bid to empower them.

Provision of assistive mobility devices like Trycles and wheelchairs is top of this initiative.

Pumping resources to schools that cater for such people is also another move taken by the Government. This will improve their ability to develop themselves and access basic services.

The county has also ensured that people people with disability are given money to conduct their activities either as a group or individually .

This is a means to also empower them financially as they can employ themselves and others thus leading a normal life.Since many of them cannot get employment elsewhere, such opportunities are best for them.

Tender opportunities in the county have been made favorable to people with disabilities. The current administration has made a policy that atleast 50% of all tender opportunities are awarded to youths, women and people with disabilities .

This move has accommodated them as many fall in these categories.This has helped them feel that the Government is concerned about them as opposed to the previous years.

A lot of sensitisation is being done all over the county to encourage people with disabilities to come forth and get assistance.