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Walter Sicho June 26, 2019


As a County, we are following keenly proceedings in court touching on land dispute between Tartar community members and Kipkeibon Tea Estate Limited in Chepkunyuk Ward, Nandi Hills Sub-County.

A total of 74 families are seeking to have Kipkeibon Estates Limited hand back a piece of land which they claim to be their ancestral land, that they occupy part of it to date and the Early 70s where in the process of purchasing it from Mr Khol (white settler), and later Mr Potter (white settler) before their deaths.

Key to note is the betrayal of trust by the very people and leaders they entrusted with their hopes and dreams of owning the land they call home that has now turned into a nightmare spanning 5 decades .

We thank the Judiciary for providing the fora for Mediation as a way of expeditiously resolving the dispute. We note most of the claimants are elderly in their late 80s and have waited too long for justice to prevail and truly enjoy the fruits of an independent Kenya.

We remain confident that justice will prevail.

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