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Sheila Legetet February 27, 2020


Kapsabet municipality is currently undertaking development Projects in area covered by the municipality. Among these projects include the construction of Non-motorized transport facility which comprises of passenger walkway and athletic racing track, street lighting and installation of high masts, construction of jua kali shades & market stalls and extension of sewer lines.

The team assessing a section of the walkway along Kapsabet Boys high school.

These World Bank funded projects were tendered in two (2) lots and awarded to South Pole Construction Company and Vela Limited. The projects are due for completion and therefore the project implementation Committee is keenly tracking the progress for successful and timely completion of these projects.


Today members of this Committee together with the contracting companies and other stakeholders met to check on progress reports as well as assessing the current status of these projects. They also had an opportunity to visit the sites for the racing track along Namgoi- Chebarbar route and walkway between Namgoi and Kamobo.

CO Philip Towett speaking during the meeting

Present in this meeting were:The Chief Officer for Administration and public service- Philip Towett, the leadership of Kapsabet Municipality, County engineers from roads, water and public works, representatives from KPLC Kapsabet Brunch, a member from ICT Authority in charge of Fibre connectivity in Kapsabet and Engineers from the contacting companies.

Jeremiah Koech- from KPLC speaking during the meeting

Speaking during the meeting, Mr. Towett pointed out the need for close monitoring and regular assessment of these projects to ensure good quality works to completion of the projects. According to the Municipal manager, David Sum, the projects are conditionally funded and the municipality is therefore working towards ensuring prudent use and successful implementation of the projects which determines award of the next funding.

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