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April 20, 2021

Outlook on Employee Engagement As Informant of Agenda Performance.

On Friday, The department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development hosted the deputy governor Dr Yuliya cheruiyot on an employee engagement with its enablers, the staff.

The department understands that employees major investment is the key determinant of the success of the agricultural sector, a sector dear both socially and economically to the residents of Nandi.

It is in this light that the conversation was centred around: Staff appreciation for playing their important part in meeting the department’s mission, potential output when various structures are supported, employee experience in its objective measure and ways to strengthen and improve employee engagement.

Speaking during the meeting, the deputy governor,. Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot affirmed on the administration commitment to support the transformation team in their continuous willingness to support the government agenda. She recognized Agriculture tremendous progress witnessed consistently over the periods despite challenges.

Deputy Governor, Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot addressing the staff.

She urged the staff to be on the forefront to own the projects they are responsing over and speak with confidence on their achievements more so individually on a whole.

She led the team through discussing proposals for consideration and further made known the plans the government has over its employees.

CECM Agriculture and Cooperative Development Dr. Kiplimo Arap Lagat on his part stressed on the need to have focus on structures that inform on service delivery as a development function.

CECM Agriculture and Co-operative Development, Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat.

He stated that achievement can only be effectively measured on the basis of how well resources are facilitated and seeved to reach to the end goal, which is the improvement of farmer’s livelihood with its complement of hardware support.

Staff present represented the five directorates namely Agriculture, livestock Production, Veteniary Services, Co-operative Development and Fisheries.

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