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July 14, 2020


On Tuesday, the Department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development held consultative talks with member officials of the Nandi Avocado Farmer Cooperative Society.

The meeting was centered on discussing progress and process other ways of strengthening the capacities of its subcommittees in a bid to fast track and enhance operations of the society.

In attendance was sub-county cooperative officer Mr. Hosea Kiprop. Mr. Hosea underscored the various roles of each subcommittee and the responsibility each share as a means to successful returns of their members’ investment.

Sub-County Cooperative Officer, Mr Hosea Kiprop following through the session.

Areas discussed were on governance, education and training, finance, production and marketing, procurement, and oversight.

It is the role of the office to ensure cooperatives are well guided and that they have access to all the necessary tools they require for increased productivity thus profitability.

Meeting in progress

Avocado is one of the priority value chains the county government is scaling up as a means to introduce its farmers’ produce internationally.  Avocados in Kenya can be sold in the lucrative markets in Europe, the Middle East, and South Africa prior to previous restrictive measures that had seen avocado imports from Kenya restricted from international borders.

The county government of Nandi, therefore, through the department of Agriculture and cooperative development has invested in processes to capacity build the value chain to take advantage of such a profitable venture.

Members following through

It has provided funds and created marketing channels for Avocado produce through partnerships. Such is True Trade Africa who has a Memorandum of Understanding with the County Government of Nandi to support avocado and potato farmers in Nandi, market their products to regional and international markets.

Cooperatives nature of pulling of resources creates a high bargaining power and risk-sharing for its members in an otherwise competitive market environment.

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