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Walter Sicho September 15, 2021


In an effort to develop viable innovations for increased fish value chain productivity, improve households income and boost food security, the County Government of Nandi through the ASDSP programme is undertaking various fish farming programmes and projects across the county; through establishment of a fish hatchery and capacity development of value chain actors.

Fingerlings Hatcheries

In Tinderet Sub County for instance, the County administration is establishing a fingerling hatchery structure, setting up and installation of a complete fingerling hatchery unit complete with a modern dumping fish pond at Senetwo Fish Farm in Songor-Soba Ward.

Senetwo Fish Farm

According to officer incharge of fish the Value Chain (VC) Mr. Job Sitienei, one of the gaps identified by actors in the VC through the Strategic Integrated Value Chain Action Plan (SIVCAP) process was limited supply of fingerlings. “The current demand of fingerlings stands at 1,439,560 against a supply of 111,000 produced per year.” ~ noted Mr. Sitienei.

With the coming up of a new fingerling hatchery in the county that is; unique, efficient, cost effective, climate smart and sustainable in the long run as compared to the conventional fingerling hatcheries, Mr. Sitienei is positive that the demand gap in fingerling supply shall be bridged. He added that the technology can therefore be easily adopted and replicated by other fish value chain actors.

Speaking while inspecting the project, Chief Officer incharge of fisheries Wilson Lelei said that the goal of the project is to increase market volumes from 111,000 to 1,439,560 fingerlings through establishment of fish hatchery and capacity development of value chain actors for improved income and food security by June next year.

Chief Officer, Mr. Wilson Lelei inspecting an hatchery.

The new fish hatchery has a capacity to hatch 50,000 fingerlings in a single hatchling translating to 150,000 fingerlings monthly.



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