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Hillary Kiplagat January 17, 2019


Nandi County is endowed with tourist attractions ranging from wildlife, rivers, waterfalls and geysers among others yet to be exploited such as breathtaking landscapes, to hills ideal for hiking, campsites and trekking.

Bringing Nandi to what Mother Nature has endowed her with and encourage each resident from all walks to visit and enjoy.

The success of Nandi County as a tourist destination relies on a coordinated approach to the planning, development, management of it as a destination. The county department of Tourism works closely with other sector and agencies in promoting tourism activities in the County

One of Nandi’s touristic destinations is the breath taking Kapsegeron Waterfalls.

Kapsegeron waterfall is situated in Kapnyeberai location, Kilibwoni ward 5 kilometers off Kilibwoni-Lessos road a place around Terige.

The potential tourist attractions include; a camp site and the water geysers.

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