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Joyce Mutai February 9, 2022


The County Government of Nandi in collaboration with Open Institute is developing a data desk through which users can obtain relevant and actionable data. In regard, the OI held a workshop to officers from the Department of Finance and Economic Planning on open data collection and management.

Photo: Loise Mboo | Open Institute

Taking the officers through sessions, Loise Mboo from Open Institute took the officers through the various formats and types of data and the importance of open data management and communication. From here the officers from will be able to develop a data desk for each department. The Open Institute’s work at the county level is geared to building a data ecosystem that counties can use to exercise better decision making together with their citizens. It was also organized to find ways that counties can consolidate data from diverse sources and analyze them in ways that strengthen service delivery. The data that the counties deal with include national statistics, geospatial and weather data, administrative household data, and data about their own projects (progress, timelines, and financing).

Data desk will be used effectively to publish data visualizations through a dashboard so that citizens can weigh competing local priorities, and feel sufficiently informed to participate in a dialogue. Ultimately, its primary purpose is to enable the county government, the national government, and the public to track budgeting, procurement, and expenditure for local development projects.


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