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Sheila Legetet November 5, 2018


In in order to improve performance in the public sector, the County Government of Nandi is consolidating its plans to implement performance management to all County government employees.

In a three day workshop hosted by AHADI Kenya with the County leadership  in Naivasha last week, the county has   developed guidelines in developing a framework, creating work plans, set targets, and later the signing of performance contract ahead of the roll out of the performance contracting exercise later this year.

The County government of Nandi will also establish a performance contracting unit, with a representative from every department to a steer and manage the whole process.

This will create a correlation between planning and implementation and even give room for appraisal and recognition of public servants who excel in service delivery.

Performance management is important in public service for the purpose of first tracking strategic plans, setting and achievement of targets; enhance accountability as well as creating fair and accurate impression on performance. Performance contracting (PC) is one of the tools for achieving efficient and effective performance management. It is a process with its stages starting from identification of targets, vetting and signing, implementation, monitoring and reporting and eventually evaluation and release of results.

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