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Mitchelle Jelimo May 13, 2024


The theme for this year’s International Nurses’ and Midwives’ Week is “Our Nurses, Our Future: The Economic Power of Care”. The commemoration saw all the 47 Counties converge at Transzoia County to celebrate the significant contributions of nurses and midwives to the healthcare sector and the economy.

Trans Nzoia Governor George Natembeya led the commemoration of the Nurses Week, at the Kitale Showground. Flagging off the day with a 10 km walk in Kitale town and the celebrations done at Kitale Showground.

Natembeya while addressing the nurses, emphasized that the role of nurses extends beyond the bedside, making them catalysts for economic growth. He also urged the recognition of care as a crucial factor achieving universal healthcare.

The nurses addressed the challenges they face including physical and mental health strains.

The Director Nurses Services, Judith Awinja urged the nursing fraternity to seek necessary assistance, emphasizing the importance of their well-being in providing service to others. “We should strive to recognize the role that the nurses take in supporting others to remain physically, mentally and economically active.” She added.

The President National Nurses Association Council, Collins Ojwang reiterated that a healthy nation is a happier, more productive nation; and the roles that the nurses play in our health care centers across the country is immensely valuable.

Joyce Achieng’ a nurse from Migori County said, “We should change the system, one nurse at a time. Because when nurses are heard, healthcare improves. We hope that in the future we will achieve a ratio of 1 nurse to 6 patients .”

As the country pushes to improve and strengthen primary healthcare as the backbone of Universal Health Care (UHC) it has assured the nurses of their unwavering support going forward. Kenya Progressive Nurses Association (KPNA), President Michael Nyongesa said their contribution should not be ignored in the realization of UHC given their knowledge, competence and expertise as well as leadership. “The involvement of nurses in achieving UHC will be successful considering they have been trained on community health and as such primary healthcare,” Nyongesa said.

Natembeya said the devolving of healthcare to counties has weakened healthcare delivery as the majority of counties lack resources and capacity to handle the sector.

“As the Council of Governors we are currently addressing the issue of shortage of nurses and are looking forward to increasing the numbers to enhance service delivery.

We will be having open discussions with the workers across the sector leaving no one sidelined” He added.

The event was well attended by Nursing Council of Kenya, National Nurses Association of Kenya, development partners including Madison Insurance ,MTRH and Equity Afia and other stakeholders.

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