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Eliab Tanui January 29, 2021


The county government of Nandi has embarked on a thorough inspection of projects all around the county.

This exercise seeks to address several issues, with the main one being; gauging on how many projects have so far been done, how many households have water, and how much work is still needed and which particular locations.

This process is being spearheaded by the department of lands water and Natural resources.

So far the department had already visited 30 impressive projects so far.

Water officers visiting the projects will continue to assess the status of every project and give a report that will inform how the county will reachout to households that do not have water.

Most of these projects are already operational but the few not operating due to a few hitches. Water Committee members have been pointing out the challenges and what they need to be addressed.

Several projects are operational with at least 200 households connected and some even up to 1500 households.

Other sources have the potential of exceeding their current supply and the county plans on improving those projects so that they can supply a larger area.

The projects not currently operational will be completed as soon as possible.

Some of these are due to vandalism which the Chief Officer for water and Natural resources Daniel Sang during the visit requested the Committee to always have security around the pump house and tanks.


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