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Alvine kiprotich September 11, 2020


The department of Lands, Environment, Natural, Resources and Climate Change in partnership with Food and Agriculture Organization are in process to develop Nandi County Wetland Management Plan that will focus on challenges facing the wetlands across the county.

This comes at a time when over thirty wetlands across the county is undergoing serious distractions from human activities living around the swamps.

In a meeting that brought together CECM in charge of LENRCC Dr Philemon Bureti , FAO Representatives lead by Husna and stakeholders from various departments ranging from Agriculture, Tourism, Physical Planning, Survey, National Land Commission Water Resource Users Association commonly known as WRUA, several treats to growing of wetlands were discussed and how will be dealt with.

Team from Mandi County together with Members from Food and Agriculture Organization.

Among these challenges that hinders the growth of the swamps are poor laws and enforcement that has ever made the communities living around reluctantly enchroached and destroyed the swamp.

Planting of eucalyptus tress as well as increased agricultural activities are among problems that post major challenges to the growth of swamps and development of Wetland management plan will address this challenge.

Speaking during the meeting Dr Bureti said that there is need to put in place proper laws and enforcement to eliminate all the treats to the wetlands alluding that the department is tirelessly working around the clock to make sure that all these laws and enforcement are put in place. On her part Husna thank the Nandi County for ever commitment and full support in matters land governance and environment.

Dr. Bureti addressing the team on the various ways they can manage the wetlands within the County.

Nandi County Wetland Management Plan will majorly dwell on creating tourism opportunities and restoring ecological habitats and other wildlife’s by discouraging agricultural activities, wildlife hunting and putting in place laws and enforcement.

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