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Audrey Ng'eny December 1, 2020

Nandi county partners with ” Irip Gaa” Group of professionals to empower the Girl child.

The Department of Tourism Culture, Gender, and Social Welfare in Partnership with ‘Irip Gaa’ Foundation Group of Ladies drawn from the entire North Rift, together visited Tindiret Constituency Soghor / Soba Ward to talk to the girl child to raise their voices, and to empower the young girls of Tindiret to dream of what they wish to achieve in life.

Nandi County has had one of the highest Teenage Pregnancies during these Covid- 19 Period, and due to these the County Government has laid down measures to curb these menace, and together with ‘Irip Gaa’ they will achieve.

Irip Gaa, are a group of Professionals Led by Cabinet Secretary Lands Farida Karoney, Deputy Governor Yulita Cheruiyot, through this initiative they came up with Mentorship Programs for the girl child and to support them mentally, spiritually, and Morale Support.

With them, they took Sanitary Pads to support them and teach them the importance of avoiding early Pregnancies.

“Nothing comes on a silver plate but requires hard work, commitment, and self-control. I want to encourage each one of you to maintain a high level of esteem to beat and achieve your goals and dreams,” said Ms. Karoney.

The DG asked the girls not to be lured for sex in exchange for sanitary towels or any other need they want.

“You should never allow anybody to lure you into something you don’t want, you have a bright future ahead for yourselves, don’t ruin it by getting Pregnant,” DG, Dr. Yulita said.

Chief Officer Tourism, Culture, Gender, and Social Welfare Jemurgor advised the girls that Education is the best weapon and equalizer in society and that they need to work very hard and focus on their dreams.

Women in Leadership, lead by mentoring girls in their society, and as ‘Irip Gaa’ it is their number one objective. The group is expected to continue Mentoring Girls in the entire North Rift.

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