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Sheila Legetet December 10, 2020


High-quality child care keeps children safe and healthy. This care and protection is key in their growth and is therefore everyone’s responsibility to enhance a safe and conducive environment for their well-being.
The county government of Nandi is committed to providing a conducive environment for the care, protection, and growth of children to achieve their potential in life.
It’s putting in many efforts especially in creating awareness on child protection and reducing their vulnerability, especially during the current long academic breaks. It is also partnering with different agencies to ensure their safety of the Children is enhanced.
Given this, today the county government signed an MOU with Child-line Kenya on awareness creation of child protection services. Childline Kenya is a National Non-governmental Organization whose mission is to promote children’s rights and enhance child protection in Kenya.
It also focuses on building the capacity of children and their guardians in advocacy on child protection as well as identifying and reporting the various cases of all forms of child abuse.
The same will also be achieved through the county toll-free call center 1548 where the public can report any cases at any time and will receive a prompt response.
Besides providing a safe environment for children, the public is therefore called upon to be vigilant about any arising cases of child abuse and report them.

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