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Remmy Butia March 3, 2024


The 3rd of March marks World Hearing Day. On this day it is customary to raise awareness on hearing and how hearing loss affects people of all ages.

As a county, today we honour World Hearing Day to create awareness on the prevention of hearing loss and deafness. The World Hearing Day is commemorated every 3rd of March, with the aim of increasing awareness about good ear health and prevention of deafness. This year, the day was commemorated under the theme “World Hearing Day 2024: Changing Mindsets: Let’s Make Ear and Hearing Care a Reality for All.” to mark the importance of having regular check-ups as a strategy for preventing Hearing loss and deafness.

Emmy Chulai, ENT Specialist at Kapsabet County Referral Hospital

World Hearing Day is an important reminder that hearing loss transcends borders. With a projected increase in the prevalence of hearing loss, we need a call to action to address the need for preventive action and access to professional and rehabilitative services.

The County Government of Nandi has made Great strides in recent years to break down attitudinal barriers in some cultures.

Steve Kittur, CHISHLO

The County Government of Nandi has prioritized ear and hearing care as we are the only public facility in Kenya that has a diagnostic BERA Machine. Courtesy of Children’s Speech and Hearing Loss Organisation (CHISHLO), we received equipment that include; tympanometry, and pure tone audimetry machines.

At the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital, we offer full ENT services; treatment of Ear, Nose and Throat ailments.

Through outreaches, we have done screening O. A. E for pre-school going children within Emgwen Sub County and we offer the services daily at the Kapsabet County Referral Hospital.

Within the past year, the hearing team has screened, treated and referred for further investigations a total of 6,450 children.

Nevertheless, we have not yet arrived at accessibility solutions in all aspects of our everyday lives. Some children with a hearing loss are kept home, away from school and community, because of the stigma their families attach to a hearing loss. Many people go without hearing aids because they cannot afford them. But, buying a hearing aid is not like taking a pill that will cure a disease. Hearing aids and assistive technologies have advanced, but noisy communication environments can limit participation in many activities; for example, enjoying dinner in a restaurant with friends. Above and beyond technologies and environmental modifications, communication accessibility could be improved by increasing knowledge about how to optimize communication and by changing individual and social attitudes to be more positive.

Hearing loss is not just an ear problem. Not hearing well can make it more difficult for people to age well. Not hearing well can limit one’s ability to fully understand and benefit from communication about almost any health condition; for example, information discussed in a diabetes education or a heart health rehabilitation program. Not hearing well can also take a toll on family members whose participation in activities can be limited by their loved ones’ hearing disability. Many older adults do not receive the health treatments they need because hearing loss is assumed to be an inevitable part of aging that cannot be changed. Many people do not know what help is available. Many people wait over a decade before they seek help. Stigma is one of the biggest barriers to getting help. But the good news is that there is help for hearing loss.

Not letting hearing loss limit oneself personally and in society is a process and it is much easier accomplished with the support of hard of hearing peer support networks and organizations dedicated to making the world a better one for hard of hearing persons.

2024 is shaping up to be a great partnership with Children’s Speech and Hearing Loss Organisation (CHISHLO) that will advance aging well for the large number of children who are hard of hearing and their families across the great Nandi County.

On this World Hearing Day, we are pleased to continue working with CHISHLO towards making hearing care services accessible and affordable to all.

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