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April 26, 2021


In reality of the substantial capacity the rural sector informs on economy development, the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development under the directorate of Co-operative Development is keen to capacity build interested goal sharing groups in rural settings, on the role of capital accumulation through cooperatives.

Given that cooperatives provides a unique ownership structure whose base is on equity of each member. This assures of transparency; a crucial component when the model of business is that of pulling resources together to inform on a common goal.

The primary mandate of the capacity building initiative is to facilitate good co-operative governance through reinforcing effective technical and organizational practices that influences effective and binding decision making, which allows for maximum realization of the individual purpose of a co-operative society.

On this account and in heed to an interest by a group of residents from Mosobecho, a locality in Emgwen, a pre-co-operative consultative meeting with Emgwen Sub County Co-operative Officer Madam Bismeth Maleya, was held on Monday on a proposed cooperative society named Mugulel Nel Co-operative Society.

Members of the Proposed Mugulel Nel Co-operative Society in Consultation with Emgwen Sub County Co-operative Officer Madam Bismeth Maleya.

To economically empower men from the area, in benchmark of the economic strides of women groups in the sector, the only men group hopes to secure their families income foothold through pulling resources together in form of savings and also as their capital requirements increase, create a credit system in dependence to their measure of investment.

The Sub County Co-operative officer, madam Bismeth shared knowledge about factors and approaches the group has to stand on in operations as a cooperative in areas: objectives, principles, rights, obligations, management, ownership, and finances among other provisions.

She assured of the County Government of Nandi support as the group start on their resourceful objective and urged them to be committed as they work towards sustainable development of the community at large.

Emgwen Sub County Co-operative Officer Madam Bismeth Maleya addressing the meeting.

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