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July 28, 2022


The County Government of Nandi, in the commitment to ensure participatory and transparent governance, continues to equip its county officers with the know-how on how to collate, validate, and manage the sectoral data that goes to their department data desk platform in the everyday management of the county’s service delivery and governance.

Officers in Session

In partnership with the Open Governance Institute, the County officers in charge of planning, together with directors from the departments, on Wednesday, participated in an intensive workshop to be guided on methods of collection and interpretation of populated data for a successful understanding of accurate aspects of data within the workings of the administrative functions of the County.

Training in Progress

Speaking during the event, Chief Executive Member Committee (CECM) Finance and Economic Planning, CPA Alfred Lagat, appreciated the capacity of the data desk, which provides for an accurate system to inform from historical data and identify gaps and structures that would be effective in implementation of programs going forward.

CECM CPA Alfred Lagat

On his part, Chief Officer of Finance and Economic Planning, Mr. Felix Sambu, urged the team to prioritize the critical function of the data required of them in their responsibilities of maintaining the desk, through timely and accurate updates since it goes a long way in identifying county activities that are on the right track and if the interventions put in place aligns with the output anticipated.

The Nandi County Open Data Desk is a major reference to implementation of transparent and informed decisions within the County Government. #ContinuedTransformation

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