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Kipsaro Boit November 4, 2019


Nandi is an Agricultural County with a better part of its population greatly depending on it for their well-being. Therefore, there is a need to introduce more and better strategies of improving the sector. One of these strategies include bringing knowledge and skills closer to the farmers, strengthening research and innovation as well as enhancing professionalism this field. Koitalel Samoei University is looking forward to partnering with the county so as to achieve this.

The delegation to Kaimosi ATC led by Prof. Risley Ngala and Grace Sugut (middle) during the visit.

Today the members of Koitalel Samoei University Council and representatives from the Ministry of Education visited the county to brainstorm on possible areas of collaboration, asses on the suitability and availability of resources for the establishment of Koitalel Samoei University, College of Agriculture and Veterinary Science in Kaimosi Agricultural Training Center (ATC).

Prof. Misoi and Prof. Ngala appropriating a section of livestock production

According to the Principal of Koitalel Samoei University, Prof. Gideon Misoi, the University will have it’s Main Campus is Nandi-Hills and planning to have other branches in the Sub-Counties. He further added that the institution has earmarked Kaimosi ATC as potential campus with the priority of establishing Faculty of Agriculture and Veterinary Science there.
The team from Koitalel Samoei University led by the University Council Chairman Prof. Risly Ngala together with the County’s Departments of Education and Vocational Training; and that of Agriculture and Co-operative Development held a consultative meeting to discuss on the potentiality of Kaimosi ATC as one of it’s training centers. The team together with Julius Kiboi-, the Principal, Kaimosi ATC toured the center and assessed the training capacity as well as the availability of land and other resources.
The CECM for Education, Research and Vocational Training, Grace Sugut, affirmed that the County Government of Nandi is looking forward to partnering with Koitalel Samoei University so as to bring the training programs closer to the people.

CEC Member in charge of Education, Research and VTC Grace Sugut and Chief Officer in charge of Agriculture Wilson Lelei duing the meeting

Chief Officer for Agriculture and Co-operative Development
Mr. Wilson Lelei applauded Koitalel Samoei University for identifying the potential of Kaimosi ATC saying that it will open up better opportunities for acquisition of knowledge and skill practice leading to the improvement in Agricultural productivity in the county.

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