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Kipsaro Boit June 1, 2020


The novel Covid-19 pandemic has certainly become unpredictable as the number of infections and deaths has increasingly affected the Country.

This has made the citizens to adjust to the measures that the Ministry of Health has set as a protective gear from contacting to the affliction.

As a County Government through the administration of Governor Stephen Sang, we are guaranteeing that the county has adhered to the gauges being set by the Ministry of Health.

Through this special edition, the County Government of Nandi through the Department of Health has purposely focused to package information and showcase to you what it has been doing in ensuring that Covid-19 is prevented.

We truly thank God that there is no case of Covid-19 being reported in the county. We pray that God continues to protect us.

However, we still affirm that you heed to the guidelines furnished by the Ministry of Health including social distancing, wearing of masks while in public places and ensuring that you wash your hands at all times.

We oblige our readers to get exclusive information on what the county has been doing in this special edition.

We have also pitched a website for you to for real time access to information at Our call Centre Nandi1548 is available 24/7 to handle any calls as regards Covid-19 and any other emergencies.

Apart form  this special edition, we have so far done a comprehensive coverage of the Department of Health in our first issue that can be accessed through . The Newsletters will be giving detailed progress that the County Government of Nandi has made in different  departments. We shall be be giving an opportunity to organizations to contribute content and advertise on relevant newsletters. Watch out for our next newsletter covering the Sports, Youth Affairs and Arts next month.

Give us your feedback by commenting on this post or sending us a mail via or Call us on 1548.

God bless Nandi.

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