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Audrey Ng'eny March 9, 2019


International Women’s Day.
International women’s day is celebrated March 8
th every year, its main focal point is to champion for
women’s right. It is 1910 that the movement all started. Today the world globally celebrates the social,
economic, and political achievements of women. The day also marks a call for actions for gender
The theme of this year is “Balance for Better” ad with that the County Government of Nandi through
the Department of Tourism, Culture and Social Welfare joined the rest of the world in celebrating this
noble day.
Participants and stakeholders from various institutions attended the event and we had over 10 primary
schools and secondary participating in the event. Corporate companies, Eldoret Hospital, Reale
Hospital, and beyond Zero joined the event.
The day started with athletics 1 KM Cross Country from class 4 girls to the elderly women where the
champions were given presents .The department of Tourism, Social Welfare staff also participated in
the race, through these sporting activities , it builds creativity and and inspiration in women..
“In addition guests at the event encouraged fellow women to always champion against drug abuse
and always remember to celebrate our women legends in Nandi ‘’.
‘’ We are celebrating women and gender mainstreaming but it’s unfortunate that our society today
still looks at the physicality of a woman, and not the intelligent of a woman” CO Beatrice Jemurgor
said. She further condemned the rape cases happening in Nandi County.
Chief officer Social Welfare Mr. Towet said “lets stand together and support the girl child and always
find ways to celebrate them every day.
CEC Mr. Taiy said “we want to celebrate women who have refused to be inherited and as a
Department we tell our women and daughters to follow and pursue their dreams and never be
intimidated. Rape never existed in our culture Nandi and such acts happening today should be
condemned forthwith.
Nandi County will be celebrating these event yearly and in the near future , it will taken to the sub Counties.

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