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Luiz Kipkoech Patrick June 6, 2019


The County Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change together with the Spatial Plan Consultants and other key stakeholders today held a County Spatial Plan Inception Workshop to discuss way forward on how best to achieve the desired plan.

While officially opening the two days workshop, Acting County Secretary Dr. Sang emphasized on the need to have a Spatial Plan that will be sustainable and will include roles of various actors throughout the implementation process.

County Spatial Plan will be of benefit to the County as it will promote balanced and equitable development across the County, enhance effective coordination between the different departments, Spur development of the county’s economy, improve conditions of human settlements and provide an enabling environment for potential investors among other benefits.

Participants will be taken through key Spatial planning areas, Spatial optimization processes, Land use guidelines, validation of land use plan among other steps.

Members of the County Assembly, Lands Committee led by Chairman Hon. Robert Kirwa appreciated the efforts being done by the County as this will lead to proper planning of the town hence reducing the congestion experienced.

Acting CECM Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change Dr. Kiplimo Lagat emphasized on the need to consider the population growth when planning. “Let us plan well and make our County sustainable through providing access to water and Healthcare. Improper Land Sub division and unemployment are as a result of poor planning” he said.

Chief Officer LENRCC Dr. Mang’ira urged the consultant to develop a County Spatial Plan that will meet the threshold. “Let us do it right from the beginning” he added.

The participants were drawn from different sectors including Food and Agriculture Organization, National Environment Management Authority, Kenya Forest Service, Kenya Wildlife Service and National Land Commission.

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