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June 18, 2021


In its mandate of ensuring that the Nandi community is empowered through co-operatives, the department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development is keen on engagement aspects between co-operatives and their members. This gets to be outlined in annual general meetings where member needs form the basis of fast-tracking development policies and strategies, necessitate compliance, and promote value addition.

In light of this, the directorate authored its responsibilities of facilitating governance, in its role of ensuring there is enhanced service delivery to Nandi branch, Ardhi Sacco Society.

Speaking during the engagement, Emgwen Sub County Co-operative Officer, Ms. Mercyline Limo encouraged the members to increase their monthly contribution, towards the society’s goal to increase the Sacco share capital. She stated the importance of a Sacco, having an enlarged share capital, as a sustainable strategy, to the benefit of the members.

Also following the consistent record of increase in areas share capital and members’ deposits, and in comparison to the past two years, she applauded the team for staying committed to the society, as they were informants of the progress despite the economic challenges posed by the Covid-19 pandemic.

Emgwen Sub County Co-operative Officer, Ms. Mercyline Limo.

On matters progression of the branch, and as an action plan on membership increase and that of securing the future of the society, Mercyline urged the members to mobilize youths to join the membership and even mentor them in areas of representation and governance. Furthermore, she encouraged the members to take advantage of the Sacco appreciation incentive, standing at 1000 shillings when a member brings in three new members.

She attributed an increase in membership as of essential value to ownership implications. She stated that a good number in membership works to the best of the co-operative advantage, which eventually is a direct link to the society’s success.


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