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Sheila Legetet January 17, 2019


The ICT Sub sector is keen in ensuring more youths from across the County get equipped with the Digital skills that will in turn increase their chances of grabbing the available online jobs and earn a living out of it.

It is doing so by increasing the number of trainers and has therefore enrolled the ICT and Communication interns into the Ajira Digital skills program by the National Government’s Ministry of ICT.

This is aimed at exposing the youths to employment opportunities readily available in the online sector. The interns shall serve as trainers to many more in the County as we seek to make the creation of jobs as promised in the Tuga Tai manifesto a reality.

The Government is targeting approximately one million youth working online for their livelihood and is therefore creating more online jobs. The youths are encouraged to visit to register, find online work and even get more information pertaining online work.

Having been trained, the interns will be part of the agents of the Ajira Digital program in the County to ensure that the youths are digitally skilled, work online and earn a living for their betterment.

The guiding principles of the Ajira digital program are:

  • To promote the domestic economy through the realization of a knowledge economy.
  • Elimination of brokers thus generating more value for online workers.
  • Generation of value through the private sector.
  • Sustainability by orchestrating the ecosystem to self-regulate and grow organically.

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