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Eliab Tanui March 12, 2021


The County Government of Nandi is on the front in ensuring that its residents can access water close to their households.

Through this, the Department of Lands, Water, Environment and Natural Resources is working towards ensuring that in all Sub-counties, residents can access the availability of water.

In Mosop Sub-County, Governor Stephen Sang stated that the availability of water resources is a fundamental element of sustainable communities and that the people depend on water for the health of its people, the strength of its economy, and the vitality of its ecosystems.

The Tabolwa project is set to supply water to 200 households that will gladly serve more than four institutions around the area.

The Marebei water project has a tank that holds a capacity of 50,000-litre tank that will serve more than 150 households with three institutions in place.

The Governor had earlier launched The Kunurter and Kalyet water projects in Chemundu Sub-County. The Kunurter already serves 82 households while Kalyet serves 200 households.

Speaking at the event, the governor acknowledged all the requests made to him by Tabolwa primary teachers and the people whereby he promised to deliver. He urged people to continue protecting the environment and observe the Covid-19 guidelines.

Members present during the commission was the CECM Agriculture Kiplimo Lagat, CO Daniel Sanga, MCAS Ngetich Joshua, Robert Kirwa and director Richard Lelei.

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