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Walter Sicho February 1, 2019


In preparation for the Nandi Cooperatives Creameries (NCC) to be established in Mosop Sub-County, the department of Agriculture & Co-operative Development has embarked on an ambitious strategy to support new and revive dormant as well as strengthening emerging & existing dairy farmer’s cooperatives across the county; through capacity building, provision of subsidized AI services, rehabilitation of cattle dips and bringing milk coolers closer to farmers.

To ensure perpetuity of farmers’ cooperatives, CO Co-operative Development Dr. Benadette Tiony urges cooperative members & particularly their management to develop a clear succession plan through mentorship of young farmers to subscribe membership and take up leadership roles.

Mr. Wilson Lelei, CO Agriculture believes that the dairy sector plays a significant role in the county and with better returns, dairy farmers can improve their livelihoods. Lelei says that the department of Agriculture has deliberately pumped enough resource in the sector citing that it has the potential of transforming lives.

CECM Agriculture & Cooperative Development Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat government believes that strong societies enable dairy farmers increase their bargaining power and prolly get good returns for their commodity. He also reiterated the need to have a clear succession plan to avoid collapse of cooperatives upon retirement of senior members.

The department led by CECM Dr. Kiplimo Araap Lagat, COs Dr. Benadatte Tiony and Mr. Wilson Lelei on Thursday held fruitful meeting with members & management of Chepkumia Farmers Cooperative Society in Chepkumia ward, Emgwen Sub-County and thereafter another with Barasendu Farmers Cooperative Society in Kapsimotwo Ward, Tinderet Sub-County where they were joined by the area MCA Hon. Rael Rotich.

Chepkumia & Barasendu Cooperative society are among 30 cooperative societies in the county that will get milk coolers.

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