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Sheila Legetet September 29, 2021


‌Statistics, which is a concurrent function of the county and national government, informs on current and future policies at both levels of government.

Today the County department of Economic Planning in collaboration with KNBS held a meeting that brought together various stakeholders key in the formulation of Nandi County Statistics Abstract (CSA) 2021.

CSA is a summary of statistics in the demographic, social, economic and environment of a county with data from ministries, department and agencies in the county. This data cover five (5)year period preceding the CSA year. After it’s adoption in 2013, the first abstract was developed in 2016.

Nandi county is currently developing its second CSA 2021 that captures data from 2016-2021. It is at it’s initial stage and the county statistics unit is tasked to collect data from county departments whereas KNBS collects from the national government. KNBS will also offer technical guidance to the team.

Speaking during the forum, Governor Sang highlighted the need to have quality data as it provides crucial information for proper planning, good decision making and appropriate distribution of the sharable resources. He added that this data is key in enhancing openness in government as one of the County’s commitment area in Open governance.

In her address, Esther Oyugi -Deputy County Commissioner for Tinderet, speaking on behalf of the County Commissioner, said that the national government departments are in full support and further called upon all these departments to fully participate in the process. She added that KNBS has set up a technical committee that will work together with county statistics section in development of Nandi’s CSA 2021.

According to Rosemary Bowen- Senior Manager National Statistical System(NSS), Nandi county is third nationally after Laikipia and Makueni in development of CSA 2021. She pointed out that there is need for swiftness in this process for timely acquisition of data at the county level which translate to the development of National Statistics Abstract (NSA).

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