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Walter Sicho February 28, 2020


Smallholder Dairy farmers in Aldai have been urged to join co-operative societies or an association if they are to access Government assistance or become more competitive. Chief Officer for Cooperative Development Dr. Benadette Tiony advised farmers during a Farmers’ Field Day held at Mr. Stephen Bii farm in Chepkong’ony zone, in Kaptumo/Kaboi ward, Aldai Sub County.

The County Government of Nandi through the Department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development in Collaboration with Aldai Mooi Dairy Cooperative Society had on Thursday organized for Farmers’ Field Day and exhibition on best diary practices.

Speaking during the Field day, Chief Officer Dr. Bernadette Tiony assured farmers that the County Government will continue to support dairy farmers through Cooperatives by installing milk cooling facilities in areas of milk produce as well as trainings and Capacity Building on Milk Handling and Governance.

“In financial year 2019/2020, the department has established 30 new Milk Cooling Plants with a capacity to hold 3000 litres of Milk across all wards in a bid to improve the farmers’ milk production capacity by enabling them to bulk their milk before selling it to processors at a good price.” said Dr. Tiony.

The CO urged farmers who turned up in large numbers to consider joining Dairy Cooperatives noting that it is through such organized groups that the Government will continue channeling support to farmers.

Dr. Tiony warned the cooperative leadership against mismanagement and misappropriation of what farmers had entrusted them with. “The secret of good leadership is to adhere to policy and ethics. I therefore appeal to the Board of Directors to strictly adhere to best Cooperative Governance practices lest they face the dire consequences.”

Chairman Aldai Mooi Dairy Cooperative Abdubrahman Faraj appreciated the support by the county Government towards the Cooperative and the community at large. “We’re grateful for all the support we are receiving as a society from the administration.” said Faraj.

Faraj also revealed that it is now affordable and more convenient to inseminate dairy animals using the County Artificial Insemination AI Subsidy Programme which has also been made readily available anytime.

Aldai Mooi dairies in among six Producer Organisation POs supported by the County Government through the National Agricultural and Rural Inclusive Growth Project NARIGP under the Inclusion and Recruitment Grant.

Among the exhibitors and partners present during the field day include High-Chem, Digi-Cow, KCB Mobi-Grow, Kukuchic, Trans National Bank among others. The key objective of Field was to impart knowledge on Dairy Farmers and On Boarding them as members of Aldai Mooi Dairy Cooperative.


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