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Walter Sicho May 10, 2019


With the coming of the Boresha Jamii na Kuku initiative, representatives of youth and women groups set to benefit from the program in Nandi Hills Sub-County today received training on poultry farming.

The groups officials were equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge on how to manage poultry farming projects and learn about all aspects of raising poultry for commercial meat and eggs production.

Boresha Jamii na Kuku is an initiative by the County Government of Nandi through its department of Agriculture & Cooperative Development to recognize the role played by women & youth in the economy and more so to empower them financially and in improving the nutritional needs of their families.

Chief Officer Agriculture Mr Wilson Lelei who was in attendance urged farmers to take great care of the birds till maturity so that they can realize full potential of poultry production for their own good.

The distribution of the one month old pullets will commence on Tuesday 14th May at Nandi hills sub county headquarters. Thereafter, the other five sub counties will follow and it expected to benefit over 3000 youth and women across the county in its first phase.

Poultry production is among the key contributors of livelihoods to majority of rural and urban population in Nandi County.


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