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Walter Sicho December 17, 2020


As part of inter-county learning and exchange program, the county department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development through the NARIG project organized for a peer to peer exchange visit for Twenty Five farmers drawn from Chesumei Sub – County to Mwala Sub-County in Machakos County.

Farmers learning exchange program allows beneficiaries within a micro-catchment to tour identified parts within the country where technologies on Sustainable Land Management (SLM) have been successfully implemented.

The aim of the visit was to expose the farmers to the techniques so that they can practically learn and implement them on their farms upon return from the tour. NARIGP Nandi conducted farmers learning tour to Machakos County under Component 3 (Supporting County Community-Led Development) from 9th to 11th December 2020 for Chesumei Landscape Conservation project.

The tour was one of the mandatory activity proposed in the Chesumei SLM proposal. Those included in the learning tour were farmers, the Project Management Committee (PMC) and County Technical Staff (CTDs). Specific criteria were used to select the farmers as per the project guidelines. Machakos County was selected for the tour based on its success over the years in implementing SLM technologies and the existence of a similar agricultural project to Nandi County.

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