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April 22, 2021



On Thursday, a delegation of coffee farmers from Tinderet Sub County paid a courtesy call to Co-operative Development office, department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development.

Meeting In Progress

In optimism of the visible efforts of the County Government of Nandi in matters Agriculture, and in its role as a chief regulator in matters economic sustanance, the team expressed interest in working with the Government in securing favourable and standard measures of operations in their venture as coffee farmers.

Of emphasis as their main expression of interest was highlights on a comprehensive set of recommendations from their capacities in a small holder production system to improve sustainable development of coffee sector majorly on areas information, input in the production cycle, standardized development, market innates and resources.

The Chief Officer, Co-operative Development Dr. Benadatte Tiony applauded the pro active move by the team to integrate the County Government consult stating that the approach will be instrumental in effectively tackling the issues presented both as a government mandate and as a means to provide more relevant and effective resource and regulation services to individual farmers involved in the coffee supply chain.

Chief Officer Cooperative Development Dr. Benadatte Tiony addressing the meeting. 

For the team to enjoy the ease of informing their own strategies under the shelter of the government, She urged the team to form an association as an initiate on their operation development, mergers/partnerships with multi-stakeholders, risk management, legal protection, investor rights and protection, and other underlying components.

She informed on the steps the County Government of Nandi has taken to sustain development, productivity and profitability of coffee sector in Nandi. Key among them is policy review on protection rights of farmers in co-operative business. Also was the success in identifying a location to construct a miller in steps to have it improve grading of coffee from the region through quality control among other production and economic benefits that comes when farmers own fully the business.

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