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Luiz Kipkoech Patrick June 24, 2019


The Department of Lands, Environment, Natural Resources and Climate Change has today met with a team from Water Tower Protection and Climate Change Mitigation and Adaptation (WATER) to plan way forward concerning the grants to be received from European Union.

It is worth noting that so far no funds have been received from European Union and when all the processes have been completed and the contract signed the funds will be availed.

According to Jonathan Davies, Team Leader WaTER Programme, Nandi County delivered a strong proposal worth investing on. “The proposal submitted from Nandi is among the best in the 11 Counties we intend to work with and we hope the same efforts will be seen throughout the implementation process” he said.

Deputy Governor Dr. Yulita Cheruiyot thanked the EU for finding it fit to partner with the County in ensuring that we Conserve the Environment.

Once the funds are available a number of activities aimed at Conserving the environment will be done. These includes rehabilitating deforested sites of Nandi North and South forests, Bamboo planting in 100HA of gazzetted forest, Conducting community sensitization and awareness, training of 3 Community Forest Association and Water Resource Users Association on best forest practices among other environmental activities.

Audit will be done by EU on a yearly basis.  Implementation period for the programme is 36 months.

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