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Cornelius Kipkoech January 24, 2021


Training to keep staff updated on the skills needed to meet the growing demands, address changing industry trends, and use new technologies is a mission-critical component of the county department of health.

Training is required to prepare staff to respond to changes within an organization to meet new regulatory requirements and stay competitive in a technologically advancing environment.

The health sector in Nandi County has received a major boost after the Government acquired 6 Biochemistry analysers and 7 full haemogram machines. The machines have already been distributed to all level 4 facilities in the six subcounties and the personnel trained on usage of the modern machines.

Under the leadership of Governor Sang Health sector has seen tremendous improvement both in infrastructure, Equipping and and human capital.

In fulfilling his promise to make health services affordable and available across the county, Governor Sang in his latest milestone achievement has seen all level 4 facilities within the county equipped with modern machines to aid in accurate and evidence based diagnosis thus improving the management and treatment of patients.

The recently acquired machines will offer a wide range of services and increase the scope of diagnosis in our level 4 facilities. The recent decision to equip these facilities is not only to offer services close to the people but also to decongest Kapsabet County Referral Facility that has seen influx of the patients rise up exponentially due to its improved service delivery to the people.

The Biochemistry analysers will aid in diagnosis and management of various diseases affecting lungs,kidneys, heart among many other organs. It will also help in the management of patients in dialysis and ICU and those schedule for surgeries as it monitors biochemical analysis of various fluids in Human body.

Full blood count machines will aid in diagnosis, monitoring and management of various diseases and conditions associated with blood e.g various types of aneamia and other general infections affecting blood. It is one of the routine tests in our hospitals that determines a wide range of infections and conditions.

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