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Walter Sicho November 10, 2019


In a bid to achieve increased productivity, stimulate value addition and attract good prices for coffee growing farmers in Nandi, the County Government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development is supporting coffee cooperative societies through capacity building programmes, provision of seedlings as well as infrastructural support.

On Saturday, Nandi Governor Stephen Sang officially commissioned Kapsaos-Toretmoi Coffee Growers Cooperative Society modern pulping machine at Kapsaos that was donated to them by the County Government under a programme to boost cash crop farming in the County.

To ensure farmers are economically empowered, the administration is promoting income generating ventures through the initiation of agribusiness activities for cash crop farmers. Speaking during the distribution of 80,000 more coffee seedlings at Kaborogin Koyo/Ndurio ward, the county boss revealed that first batch farmers who were beneficiaries of the subsidized coffee seedlings were already reaping the fruits of this initiative.

The seedlings were raised by Kapsaos-Toretmoi Coffee Growers Cooperative Society Kaborogin branch on behalf of the County Government after receiving coffee seeds in order to benefit coffee farmers across the county. This will also enable them form a strong Coffee Union to work on these modalities. #TransformingNandi

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