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February 21, 2020


Eliud kipchoge Complex attracts delegates from Bomett county,Kirinyaga and Kitui. Eliud kipchoge complex is a beneficial utility to our sports men and women in our county as it provides them with sporty atmosphere while training.Our sports men and women will be able to train effectively as they try to outshine their competitors both locally and inter national.

Chief officer Sports Nandi county addressing delegates from the visiting counties

.’our main aim is to provide a favourable place for our men and women in sporting world as we are known to be the Source of champions”. Delegates from the visiting counties were able to learn about the importance of the utility to the athletes.Sports department is in the forefront to ensure that we nature the talents exhibited by our vibrant atheletes to conquer our competitors both nationally and locally.The complex also have a gym room that would enable our sports men and women flex their muscles so as to be fit when training to compete against their oppenents.It’s indeed our responsibility to ensure we provide a conducive place for our athletes to nature their abilities.

Eliud kipchoge Modern training camp.

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