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February 3, 2020


Farmers in Chesumei are set to enjoy the efforts of the county government to improve service delivery to all stakeholders in Agriculture & Cooperative Development through a well established agri tech system known as NandE-Farm.

NandE-Farm is a digital platform established to facilitate management of agricultural information, subsidy programs and provide for a place for effective access of a wide range of low to no cost quality services to farmers.

Following this initiative, the county government of Nandi through the department of Agriculture and Cooperative Development in liaison with the department of ICT, led agricultural extension officers from each ward in Chesumei through training on the system.

The training aimed at guiding the officers on their role and expected participation on the platform.

Since the platform integrates farmer profiling, subsidy programs, market access facilitation, input stock management, extension services to farmers, farmer e-learning, and a cooperative management module; data is necessary.

The extension officers as intermediaries between information and farmers are therefore key in their role to capture data needed for effective execution and facilitation of these programs through the platform.

The ward extension officers are to use the platform to : register farmers, edit farmers details, view current stock volumes, receive stock transferred to service points, redeem vouchers received, create new receipt for transaction, view agro dealer payments, create and view orders and to view product list.

Speaking during the training, ICT head, Agriculture Mr. Shadrack Kirui , urged the officers to embrace the system and act as good will ambassadors by encouraging farmers to adopt the technology for their full benefit. “ Let us invest in this data driven technology to enable the county government improve the livelihoods of farmers ”.

Each ward in Chesumei will be provided with a gadget to facilitate the process.

The training was held at Mosoriot and all wards namely: Lelmokwo/Ngechek, Kosirai, Kaptel/Kamoiywo, Chemundu and Kiptuiya were represented.

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