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January 15, 2020

DigiCow Adding Value to Dairy Cooperatives in Nandi

Following the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between DigiCow and Nandi dairy cooperative societies in a bid to scale up disruptive digital technologies in Agriculture in Nandi, dairy farmers in cooperatives can now rely on DigiCow, a mobile app that will enable them make daily records of their dairy produce plus access to important information concerning their day to day running of the farm.
Through the app, dairy farmers will be able to analyze production trends of each cow. They can access real time information concerning the behavior of every cow, including milk each cow produces. This makes them well informed on decisions such as type of feed, change of feed or increase quantity of feed which is provided for by the app after analyzing of the produce quality.
It also provides farmers with quality services through their well experienced vets who are vetted and approved by the Kenya Veterinary Board with timely provision of critical services where all tickets are closed within 1 hour request. They also get training at hand, quick access and dissemination of information.
On cooperatives, DigiCow aims to create true visibility through a portal that enables access to reports. This will aid dairy cooperatives make data driven decisions on training needs, breeding, cow herd structures, disease surveillance, milk production and sales.
It also provides simplified reports that will help project milk shortage or glut, cows expected to calve and those dried.
It will also be a key asset in seeing to a reduced cost of production by offering affordable veterinary services to cooperative members at Kshs 450 per farmer per month for upto 10 cows.
The app also provides a platform for dairy cooperatives to train and disseminate timely information to farmers in their language of choice.
Due to the visibility it provides, dairy cooperatives will see an increase of efficiency and effectiveness in services provision to its members and as result increased dairy productivity.
Farmers are encouraged to download the app from Google play. On installation of the app, the farmer is required to register as a member of DigiCow by filling in his name and mobile phone number. On its end, DigiCow verifies the authenticity of the phone number provided. The farmer is sent an activation code which they input in their downloaded App and proceeds to create a secret PIN.
The farmer also provides important details such as the name of the cow, its calf, the co-operative they deal with and their customers.

Chief Officer, Cooperative Development- Dr. Benadatte Tiony

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