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Stanley Magut November 23, 2018


The County Department of Trade, Investment and Industrialization, through the Trade Licensing directorate, is mandated to collect information, register and develop a database of traders across the county in bid to issue licenses and single business permits as per the Nandi County Finance Bill 2018.

The department developed a registration template that is used manually to collect data from traders, as it anticipates the automation of the licensing process. The process is ongoing in Tindiret Sub County and shall be rolled across all the six sub counties of Nandi County.

The process provides a platform to ensure compliance of existing Laws and Regulations on trade and licensing. Categorization of traders and general sensitization/induction will enhance trading and business in the county.

After the registration exercise, inspection of the business premises will be done accordingly before issuance of licenses. Thereafter, enforcement will be done to ensure maximum compliance.

Traders across the county are urged to cooperate and provide the necessary information since this will inform the development needs of different areas in the county.

Revenue officer collects data from a trader in Tindiret sub county ahead of the automation and upgrade of the revenue system

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