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November 9, 2021


Dairy cooperatives in Nandi are set to benefit from innovative practices brought forth by joined efforts between the County Government of Nandi, Department of Agriculture and Co-operative Development, and DigiFarm (SAFARICOM).

Analysis of the value shareholding in the agricultural market shows that farmers are yet to be the maximum percentage holder of equity in the produce market. With this foresight, is the need to strengthen the institutional capacity of co-operatives to maximize farmers’ profitable maxim in the value market.

The partnership, therefore, seeks to solve challenges identified within the divergence of productivity and profitability, a dairy cooperative member experiences in areas: access to feeds throughout the season, cost of production, access to financial resources, access to quality and affordable inputs, and broker inefficiencies.

 Dairy cooperatives farmers during the      workshop.

DigiFarm comes in to support dairy cooperatives in Nandi access these efficient service delivery mechanisms through a system to be accessed through dialing a free *944# USSD code, where a dairy farmer in a cooperative, will have all-time access to information resources on best dairy practices, access to input on cash or credit basis, access to track record of milk dispatched at the cooperative, access to extension support on best dairy practices and to withdraw money from farmer account either on cash or credit, all on one platform.

                DigiFarm Lead Team

The partnership will provide work capital support to the dairy cooperatives to back these processes and provide input access, for the commercial sustainability of dairy farming using the cooperative model.

On Tuesday, the directorate of Co-operative Development led by Chief Officer Cooperative Development Dr. Benadette Tiony held a consultative meeting with DigiFarm and primary dairy cooperatives registered under the Nandi Dairy Co-operative Union, to deliberate on ways of engagement and initiation processes.

Chief Officer Cooperative Development, Dr.Benadatte Tiony addressing the dairy cooperatives

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